“Hello all, my family and I celebrated my mother’s 67th birthday which was on Sunday, November 8 at Marques restaurant. This business is owned by a Christian it’s a fairly new restaurant in Canton Ohio only been around a couple of months. Please patronize and frequent this restaurant the food was excellent the atmosphere was very relaxing and the waitresses were very nice as well . If you do not want spicy food or hot food just order the chicken or pork chop you can get it smothered it was juicy well seasoned juicy not hot everything I tasted was good. This restaurant sits on the corner of Cleveland Avenue & Tuscarawas, downtown Canton.”


“I had the pan fried fish, salad an MAC and cheese. Fish was HOT ( temp) and crunchy delicious, salad fresh, MAC and cheese was soulful. Wish I had a roll. Service was fast and Staff was friendly and attentive. One thing puzzled me, rock music in a soul food restaurant. Waitress said they were experimenting with the music, hmmm???? After a while the “experiment” was over and light jazz played.I love this Restaurant. Oh yeah! How can I forget the sweet potatoes bar.. THE BOMB! It is soooo good!


“Omg, the atmosphere, food, service EVERYTHING was perfect. They will have my business for life


“I had a good time at your restaurant Marques. Good food and great atmosphere.”


“The absolute best! Loved the service the environment too♡ I would highly recommend anyone to go. Definitely will attend again.”


“The food was great. Karaoke was great. Check it out for yourself.”


“Authentic dishes that invoke memories of back in the day family dining! Marcus’ kitchen mastery is manifested and complimented with entries from Chef for your dining pleasure in varied culinary offerings! You owe yourself the opportunity to placate your palate with a guilt -less value expenditure. Select a designated driver and head to Marques! Take home Marcus ‘ signature Cheesecake, Pound cake or trademark Sweet Potato Bars!”


“Excellent food and service. Will definitely return.”

“Everything good! Great food, great service, great atmosphere! Will be back.”


“The food was great and the atmosphere was really nice. I don’t normally eat yams/sweet potatoes, but their sweet potato bar was EXCELLENT! I only had a taste and had to buy a piece to go!”